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One Size Pocket "4 pk Fly Away"-In Stock

One Size Pocket "4 pk Fly Away"-In Stock

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*Includes: 1 Fly Away Pocket, 1 Sailboat Pocket, 1 Science Pocket, 1 Fly Away Pod

*PUL exterior

*Interior is lined with a swift wicking jersey material (AWJ) 

* AWJ is hypoallergenic and great for keeping baby's skin dry and cool 

*Thick back elastics 

* Sewn in PUL tummy panel

*Overlapping snaps for an extra small waist

*Dirty Closure Snaps for storing solid diapers on the go 

*fit approximately 6.6 lbs-33 lbs per manufacture rating. (believe to fit larger)

*Skinny and Chunky baby approved!